About Us

Jean McLeod Embroideries was established in 1950 by Jean herself working from home, doing all embroidery by hand. From such humble beginings she built up her business to such an extent that she had to employ two staff, who eventually bought her business when she retired. For the past year we the fourth owners of this excellent enterprise have been providing the same friendly service that was started back in 1950 by Jean McLeod.

Although Jean McLeod Embroideries was originally setup to cater for the needs of the individual and the small business owner it has grown in capability, technology and expertise and now caters for a very diverse range of clients, clients that include local and national companies, TV shows, sporting clubs, small and large businesses, schools and individuals.

Jean McLeod Embroideries' success has been built on providing our customers with great service and best quality. We take great pride in our workmanship and always do our very best for every customer.